Inspired by: Marmol Radziner

We’re feeling inspired by the designers at Marmol Radziner and how they wear their jewelry… Each piece is a natural extension of their roots as an architecture firm – strong yet understated, bold yet minimal.

What inspires your jewelry style?




Find Your Forever Ring

Shopping for a wedding or engagement ring? Taking a dip in the ocean of possibility? The first step to finding the ring of your dreams is to know the style of ring you are after.

May we suggest throwing caution to the wind! Two month’s salary and the Four C’s (cut, color, carat, clarity) do not a dreamy gem make, unless the ring fits your style, too. Come on a journey with us to discover the wedding ring style that speaks to you most.


Timeless and elegant with a traditional, enduring beauty. Look for circular stones and flush set diamonds.

Pictured, from top: Victoria Cunningham, Thirteen Diamond Ring, $825; Dawes Design, Blockette Diamond Halo Ring, $4,300; Victoria Cunningham, Small Circle Ring, $300; Victoria Cunningham, Six Diamond Channel Set Ring, $805*;  Suzanne Kalan, Five-Diamond Thin Band Ring, $620


Clean lines, bold shapes, geometric influences. Add a modern twist with two-tone metals, organic edges, and a textured finish.

Pictured, from top: Victoria Cunningham, Hammered Diamond Band, $870*; Saundra Messinger, Tiny Dancer Ring with One Diamond, $150*; Alison Shiboski, Platinum Marcia Ring, $4,395*; Saundra Messinger, Forever Florence Ring, $1615; Victoria Cunningham, Single Rose Cut Diamond Band, $495*


Romantic influences and intricate details. Think pavé and baguette diamonds, milgrain, prong settings, infinity bands, and diamond halos.

Pictured, from top: Polly Wales, Diamond Rapunzel Ring, $3,000; Rebecca Overmann, Three Diamond Halo Ring, $7,895; ILA, Popcorn Ring, $575; ILA, Diamond Bail Ring, $1,575; Polly Wales, Miners Cut Diamond Rapunzel Ring, $3,690


Simple, understated, timeless. Sweet, practical designs with a less-is-more attitude.

From top: Rebecca Overmann, Yellow Pear Diamond Ring, $750; Polly Wales, Ultra Slim Diamond Baguette Ring, $3,700; Sarah Mcguire, Diamond Parchment Band, $610*; Margaret Solow, Rose Cut Diamond Triangle Ring, $560*; Victoria Cunningham, Seven Diamond Ring, $585


Perfectly imperfect, whimsical, eye-catching. Look for colored stones, diamond slices, opaque diamonds, and handcrafted, one-of-a-kind details.

Pictured, from top: Polly Wales, Shard Split Halo Ring, $9,460; Polly Wales, Diamond and Ruby Eroded Ring, $5,940; Polly Wales, White Sapphire Crystal Ring, $5240*; Victoria Cunningham, One of a Kind Rustic Diamond Halo Ring, $5,000; Polly Wales, Pinched White Sapphire Eternity Ring, $2750

Whether you find yourself drawn to classic cuts, contemporary elements, vintage-inspired details, minimalist beauty, or artful design, the perfect forever ring is waiting for you!



*not pictured on website, please contact us for details

New Kids On the Block

A new late night eatery is in town and lucky for us it is right across the street from our little shop. The second of its kind here in Eugene, not to be confused with the lovely, unaffiliated Izakaya Meiji (still the home of the most delicious whiskey ginger!), Izakaya Oyazi is a Japanese style pub featuring a variety of small dishes and an inviting atmosphere.


It was a Friday night. The week was done and the shiny weekend lay before us. Laura and I considered it our responsibility, nay, our duty, to go out and give Izakaya Oyazi a try!

I treated myself to a sake flight of three, infused with green apple, lychee, and white peach. SO, so good. Laura had a blackberry mojito and it made us feel like we were on vacation.

We ordered some small plates to share, including gyoza (above), potato croquette, and green beans (below). So much yum.

We drank and ate and passed around plates and had the best time trying something new. We’re excited to watch this young restaurant grow and evolve, and we hope you are, too!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Izakaya Oyazi!



photo cred: Laura Barton