Wedding Season

“If out of time,

I could pick one moment and keep it shining

always new- of all the days I have lived,

I’d pick the moment I met you.”

Commemorate your love…his love…and the love of every friend and family member with jewelry that’s as special as your big day.

Engagement Rings

Polly Wales, Alison Shiboski, Victoria Cunningham, Suzanne Kalan, Jennifer Dawes, Jude Frances

Wedding Bands

Victoria Cunningham, Ileana Makri, Polly Wales, Jennifer Dawes

Wedding Party Gifts

Wasabi, Tai, Julie Nolan

Necklaces for the Bride

Cris Braatz, Melissa Joy Manning, Dana Kellin, Wasabi

Earrings for the Bride

Alexis Bittar, Dana Kellin, Polly Wales, Tai

For Dad

For being a constant source of inspiration, encouragement, for words of advice, bad jokes, tough love, for being that resourceful, level-headed voice of reason, and for just being there, being a friend and offering guidance and support, teaching the importance of a firm handshake and eye contact and staying true to your word. Thank you to all dads and father figures, for all that you are and all that you do. Life would not be as full without you in it.

Viva Las Vegas 2014

Our trip to the Las Vegas Couture Show was such a success in so many ways. We think a more appropriate title for this event could be Couture Lovefest! It’s a time to show love and appreciation for our talented friends and artists.

We found gorgeous new pieces for the store and can’t wait to share them with you. Here are some of our favorite moments from the weekend.

Graduation Gift Guide

Send your grad out into the world with the perfect hand-picked gift. Here are our favorites to celebrate the Class of 2014.

$50 and Under

Julie Nolan Astrological Necklaces ($50), Tai Arrow Post Earrings ($40), Tai Horseshoe Post Earrings ($35), Wasabi Pearl Post Earrings ($45), Tai Cuffs ($45), Pi’lo Pencil Pouches ($25), East of India “Wishing You Good Luck” Dish ($10), Papaya Set of 6 “Bravo” Tags ($10), Laurel Denise “Shine” and “Be You” bracelets ($25), Izola “Great Expectations” Flask ($30), Kikkerland Bird Corkscrew ($15)

$150 and Under

Notes & Queries Card ($4), Wasabi 16″ Pearl Necklace ($80), Wasabi Long Rice Pearl Necklace ($125), Shy “Dream” Necklace ($125), Rand Papele Chevron Necklace ($125), Laurel Denise “Dream” Necklace ($80), Shy “Love” Necklace ($125), Laurel Denise “Create” Necklace ($80), Sugarboo Set of 365 Gathered Truths ($90), Austin Press “Journey” Candle ($60), Will Leather Goods iPhone Wallet ($125), Jane Diaz Ellipse Drop Earrings ($100)

$350 and Under

Melissa Joy Manning Heart Ring $235, Melissa Joy Manning Herkimer Diamond Ring ($235), Erica Molinari Evil Eye Charm ($245), Erica Molinari “Sieze the Day” Charm ($245), Erica Molinari “I came, I Saw, I Conquered” Charm ($320), Dana Kellin Swarovski Crystal Earrings ($330), Ten Thousand Things Silver Bead Necklace ($225), Ten Thousand Things Keshi Pearl necklace ($255), Saundra Messinger Circular Pendant Necklace ($235), Jane Hollinger Chloe Necklace ($160), Margaret Solow Sapphire necklace ($260), Will Leather Goods Vintage Lock Clutch ($265), Will Leather Goods IPad Mini case ($125), Chan Luu bracelets ($50-$260)

The Sky’s the Limit

Sarah McGuire Grey Diamond Necklace ($770), Victoria Cunningham Elephant Necklace ($640), Victoria Cunningham Owl Necklace ($1530), Jeanine Payer “And the wonder overflows” Necklace ($660), Polly Wales Sapphire Studs ($795-1695), Gurhan Pave Diamond Post Earrings ($2700), Dawes Design Turquoise Dewdrop Necklace ($605), Dawes Design Chrysophrase Dewdrop Necklace ($605), Victoria Cunningham Large Cherry Blossom Necklace ($2695), Kismet Square Diamond Necklace ($585), Jamie Joseph Chrysoprase Ring ($905), Jamie Joseph African Ruby Ring ($860), Jamie Joseph Sleeping Beauty Turquoise ring ($860), Erica Molinari “Strong and Free” Charm ($1090), Erica Molinari Owl Charm ($1675), Erica Molinari “Know Thyself” Compass Charm ($2455)