Wearable Architecture

With a beautifully unique vision that has captivated us since day one, may we introduce one of our newest artists, Marmol Radziner. An extension of design/build architecture firm Marmol Radziner, Marmol Radziner Jewelry’s cuffs, bangles, and rings exude a bold presence that is neither too flashy nor too conservative.

Artfully structured to fit both men and women, each piece makes an elemental statement with an elegant charm that offers an aura derived from the realm of design and architecture. These industrial pieces are transformed into personal, portable, architectural fragments that will continuously stand out with daily wear.

Created in the same workshop where the firm’s architectural models and full-scale building details are made, each design comes to life and takes on a unique quality, as no two pieces will ever start or stay the same.

Each solid bronze piece is available in natural bronze, light bronze, distressed, and dark patina finishes and is designed to evolve gracefully with its wearer. The patina of the darker finishes will lighten and the natural finish will develop a darker patina.

Starting at $70, these have landed just in time for the holidays. Shop them here.

Photos by Laura Barton

Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us! We’ve rounded up an array of hand-selected gift ideas so you can enjoy this wonderful time of year and check off your list with ease.

These are for the girl on your list who’s building her collection of everyday jewelry but has no fear rocking current trends. Whether your girl is a teen, tween, or just young at heart, may we suggest: 1. a sweet and simple Jane Hollinger necklace ($105-$480), 2. her first Jamie Joseph ring ($705 and up), 3. barely-there stacking rings by Kismet ($160 and up), 4. the ever-so-popular Tai bracelets ($40-$130), 5. Sydney Evan’s cursive word necklaces ($455 and up).

For the lady on your list who loves layers of lace, a pastiche of patterns, and jewelry that’s just as one-of-a-kind as her style, may we suggest: 1. stone pendant necklaces by Victoria Cunningham ($870-$1,565), 2. a Dhurrie tote by Will Leather Goods ($495), 3. stone rings by Melissa Joy Manning, the more the merrier ($410-$770), 4. arm cuffs and bracelets by Avigail Adam ($45-$55), 5. a stunning dendritic agate statement necklace by Melissa Joy Manning ($1,610).

We’ve geared these picks toward the girl who knows how to rock a raglan tee, skinny jeans, chunky knits, and no-fuss jewelry. It’s all about minimalist design with edgy details. For your urban street chic girl, may we suggest: 1. architecturally-inspired Marmol Radziner cuffs ($160-$225), 2. a collection of Erica Molinari charms ($585-$2025), 3. Melissa Joy Manning’s tourmaline & agate double ring ($540), 4. Polly Wales sapphire encrusted rings ($1,135 and up), 5. Sarah McGuire’s mixed metal necklaces ($250-$360).

Photos by Laura Barton

Staff Favorites: Part 1

Working at NEWTW!ST means we are constantly surrounded by beautifully hand-crafted works of art, and we can’t help but fall in love each time a new piece speaks to us in a unique way! Thanks to our lovely and ever so talented artists, we are always within arm’s reach of captivating new finds and we just have to share what is currently on our staff’s love-it-want-some-more-of-it radar.

Courtney amps up the romance with this sweet and simple diamond bar necklace by Kismet, these feminine chandelier earrings by Dana Kellin, and this elegant Buddha bangle by Victoria Cunningham.

Mya is drawn to Jewelry with symbolism and meaning. She’s loving this sweet hamsa necklace by Sydney Evan, these North Star and peace charms by Erica Molinari, and these pave diamond beauties by Gurhan.

Audrey doesn’t hesitate to mix and match stones! Right now, her favorites are layered bracelets by Melissa Joy Manning, these moonstone earrings by Nava Zahavi, and this moonstone necklace by local artist Cris Braatz.

Lindsey loves this chrysoprase stunner paired with these stackable rings by Victoria Cunningham, and layers of bangles by local artist Alison Shiboski.

Summer likes to stack it up with mixed metals and neutral colors. Her top three picks right now are by Melissa Joy Manning, Sarah McGuire, and Kismet.

Stay tuned for Part Two of our staff favorites, coming soon!


Photos by Laura Barton


Melissa Joy Manning, With <3

Eco-friendly never looked so good – case in point: Melissa Joy Manning, this month’s featured artist. Melissa’s designs are delectably irresistable, showcasing an effortless, organic beauty that breathes new life into found treasures from nature and beyond. Even better, she places great focus and care into producing jewelry that respects the earth’s resources and our environment.

As a certified green company, Melissa’s mindfulness is the forefront of her business and she is always aware of the impact her actions have on our increasingly fragile planet. Using 100% recycled metals sourced from another certified green company, Hoover & Strong, Melissa works to reduce her carbon footprint in other ways, too. Driven by a corporate philosophy of environmental and social sustainability, she is mindful about everything from transportation to office supplies and right down to each box shipped out.  She developed a business model that supports domestic manufacturing in her own studios in CA and NY, employing an equally mindful and talented staff to help bring her creative visions to life.

She pours her passion for travel, art, and culture into every hand crafted piece, each with a story waiting to be told and a presence that will stand the test of time.

“My jewelry is not an accessory, but an expression. My pieces aren’t about buying into what mass media tells you you should be, but about finding a piece that speaks to the individuals and echoes their personality. I believe that jewelry can influence the way you feel; it can say and mean something different to every wearer.”

Photos by Laura Barton