New York, New Artists

In August, Colleen and Jodi flew to New York for the NYNow gift show. As always, they returned home filled to the brim with inspiration and excitement after six days packed with meetings with artists, hand-selecting jewelry, and visiting their favorite sights and stores. Here is a glimpse at the six newest artists that they found. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the NEWTW!ST family!

The Rise and the Fall’s playful pillowcases caught our eye immediately and we can’t wait to give these as gifts. It’s never too early to start thinking about stocking stuffers, is it?

Jess Panza uses a classic material- glass- to create her exquisite earrings but her technique is completely original. The result is a simple elegance like nothing we’ve seen before.

Natural Olivewood’s bowls and boards are functional art at its finest. Each piece is created from sustainable, fast-growing olive wood and crafted to reveal the tree’s natural beauty.

Rebecca Overmann is guided by the philosophy that less is more and we can’t wait to stack her simple bands with our other favorite stacking-ring artists, Victoria Cunningham and Dawes Design.

Marmol Radziner’s unisex cuffs are a natural extension of their beginnings as an architecture firm. The perfect marriage of beauty and industry…Colleen cannot stop raving about these!

Vilmain’s pocket charms are a sweet add-on to any gift.  Pass on a little love or remind a friend that their angel is always close by!

Avigail Adam makes headbands and armbands for your inner goddess! We first saw one of these headbands on Laurel Denise at the show last year and we’re excited to be carrying Avi’s work at last! These have already arrived in the store and we feel like we’ve slipped into a fairytale every time we put one on.


What a blast the #showusyourjamie contest has been! We’ve loved seeing  your Jamie Joseph rings, reading your stories about what they mean to you, and seeing how you truly make them your own. You’ve inspired us to share with you OUR rings and why we love them. We always say that you don’t choose your Jamie ring- rather, it chooses you- and that is no less true for each of us. For some of us, we just found the stone so captivating that we couldn’t live without it and for others, our rings came into our lives  right when we needed them most.

Summer found her Orange Chalcedony right as she began training to become a Barre3 instructor and it was love at first sight. She wears it for a daily boost of positive energy and as a reminder of the triumphs and challenges of her Barre3 journey.

As a Eugene native, Mya grew up loving the outdoors. From the magnificent Oregon coast to the wide open sky at Eugene’s own Mt. Pisgah, the deep blues of her ring capture the essence of her very favorite places.

From San Francisco to South Africa, Frankie’s Brown Sapphire has traveled the world with her. She prefers to travel light and this neutral statement ring is all the jewelry she needs!

Laura gets asked all the time if her ring is created from pressed flowers or perhaps a tiny vintage painting. Amazingly, the fern-like patterns in Dendritic Agates are completely natural! Laura loves that her ring is a tiny slice of the earth’s astonishing formations.

Still haven’t entered the contest? Fear not, you still have time! All you have to do is Instagram a picture of your Jamie Joseph ring during the month of August, hashtag #showusyourjamie, and tag us @newtwiststore. We’ll choose our very favorite (eek, that’s the hard part!) and announce the winner at the beginning of September. Don’t have a Jamie ring? Borrow a friend’s, or perhaps it’s time to get one of your own. Don’t have Instagram? Either start an account (it’s super easy, promise!) or send us your picture at We encourage you to get creative, make it your own, tell us your story, and photograph your ring looking it’s very best. Good luck!


Get Your Cameras Ready…

The #showusyourjamie contest has begun!!! To enter to win a Jamie Joseph ring, instagram a creative picture of your ring during the month of August. Be sure to hashtag #showusyourjamie, and tag @newtwiststore. We’ll choose our favorite picture and announce the winner September 1st. Don’t have instagram? Email your photo to and your image will be entered into the contest.  The number of entries is unlimited, so post away!

Helpful tips:

  • Take your Jamie someplace special (i.e. location, meaningful moment)
  • Think outside the box, use your imagination!
  • If you don’t have a Jamie, borrow a friend’s


Wedding Season

“If out of time,

I could pick one moment and keep it shining

always new- of all the days I have lived,

I’d pick the moment I met you.”

Commemorate your love…his love…and the love of every friend and family member with jewelry that’s as special as your big day.

Engagement Rings

Polly Wales, Alison Shiboski, Victoria Cunningham, Suzanne Kalan, Jennifer Dawes, Jude Frances

Wedding Bands

Victoria Cunningham, Ileana Makri, Polly Wales, Jennifer Dawes

Wedding Party Gifts

Wasabi, Tai, Julie Nolan

Necklaces for the Bride

Cris Braatz, Melissa Joy Manning, Dana Kellin, Wasabi

Earrings for the Bride

Alexis Bittar, Dana Kellin, Polly Wales, Tai