Chinchar/Maloney Fine Jewelry, founded by designers Colin Chinchar and Marian Maloney, sets their own standard in heirloom quality, handcrafted fine jewelry – living by customer satisfaction and standing by their work. Family-owned and operated, they currently work out of a studio in Portland, Oregon. There they have built an exceptional team of creatives that mirror the uniqueness and strength of their product.

It is their privilege to work with rustic diamonds as they believe that they are underrated in their beauty, appeal and timelessness. Each of their diamonds are one of a kind, untreated, ethically sourced and can never be replicated.

They have spent years establishing sources for the highest quality rustic diamonds and gemstones. The flaws within each diamond and gemstone represent Chinchar/Maloney’s appreciation for the imperfect, as well as their deviation from contrasting societal standards. Their consistently evolving designs, cast in 14k gold, ornate and fluid as they are, are the catalyst. Truly, their diamonds and gemstones speak for themselves, each in a language exclusive to the person they choose.


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