Iwona Ludyga

Iwona grew up in Poland in the 1970’s, which was a challenging time economically, politically and artistically. She lived through Marshall Law and witnessed the downfall of the communist government. Foreign travel was out of reach for almost everyone, but Iwona dreamt of exotic cultures and far away countries she hoped to visit in the future.

In 1994, a love for dance brought Iwona to NY where she studied at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. After finishing the dance-training program, she was also recognized as an accomplished musician, and was widely sought as an accompanist in numerous dance schools all over New York City. She plays piano for Graham class at Juilliard to this day.

With all that New York had to offer, Iwona began to branch out into other forms of self-expression.
She took pottery classes at Parsons, danced with multiple dance companies, worked as a news anchor for Polish News Channel 25 and tended bar a few nights a week. With unlimited access to a wide array of materials Iwona started making her own jewelry. She took metal smith classes and soon had a small line ready for sale at designer markets. Making jewelry become her main focus and biggest passion.

Through the years Iwona kept studying and broadening her skills, learning ancient braiding and weaving techniques to enrich her designs. Mixing various textures and elements including solid gold, glass, bone, horse hair and brass, are just some characteristics that define her trademark style. Through this evolution Iwona has always stayed true to her aesthetic core and beliefs: creating beautiful hand crafted-personal jewelry.

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