Marmol Radziner

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A natural extension of the design/build architecture firm Marmol Radziner, Marmol Radziner Jewelry transforms industrial materials into personal, portable, architectural fragments. In the same workshop where our firm’s architectural models and full-scale building details are made, master craftsmen in our shop create rings, bracelets, and pendants from commercial-grade bronze. Perforations add depth and texture to the otherwise unadorned material. Designed to be as individual as those they adorn, the patina of each piece evolves over time in response to the wearer. No two finishes will ever start or stay the same, with irregularities reflecting the handcrafting process, unique quality of the raw materials, and specific experience of each person who wears the jewelry. Over time, the patina of the darker finishes will lighten and the natural finish will develop a darker patina. Different body chemistries will have different reactions to the metal and each piece will age uniquely. Bronze is known to occasionally turn skin a greenish color. This can happen because bronze is produced by alloying tin and copper. Copper compounds are green and sweat contains salts and moisture which can react with the copper. A helpful tip for cleaning and shining your natural finish Marmol Radziner jewelry is to gently brush it down with Scotch-brite.

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