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BuDhaGirl is a story of awareness and new beginnings – a vehicle made-up of beautiful objects and jewelry for bringing the mind back into balance and focus. Our story and our legacy is, simply, Mindful Glamour. Through millennia, in the East, wise teachers have strived to teach a simple principle known as meditation. Emptying the mind for a few moments in order to quiet the brain. Modern day science confirms the invaluable power of a well-tuned brain, not only for enhancing present performance but also by maintaining this mark as we age. Intentions influence outcomes. BuDhaGirl is deeply rooted in the present while being elevated, informed and inspired by the past. Our products straddle the line between ornament and spiritual touchstones; they are enhancements for both body and soul. BuDhaGirl’s core foundation begins with fascinating objects and glamorous jewelry created to inspire awareness, knowledge and create brain health through purposeful interaction. We aim to re-introduce that wisdom to our lives in a simple yet powerful fashion. Our attitude and aesthetic is a unique combination of iconic and witty, traditional and edgy…and definitely, always chic.