silver charm by jewelry designer erica molinari

Erica Molinari

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Erica Molinari is known for her hand-inscribed charms that feature inspirational quotes and exquisitely detailed Greco-Roman imagery, perfect for layering and building into a personalized talisman. She got into the jewelry design business after looking for something unique and beautiful, and deciding that she could create something herself. Never one to do anything half way, she plunged in and in relatively short order, not only learned the fundamentals of style and design but did it so well that she became the much sought after designer she is today. While her mixed-metal charms remain best-sellers, her collection also features oxidized silver earrings, rings and bangles that are embellished with 18K gold and diamonds. Other popular pieces include diamond-studded pearls, blackened silver bangles and twiggy hoops. And no profile of Erica is complete without mention of her 18 year career with The U.S. National Luge team and as a competitor in the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada in 1988 and Albertville, France in 1992.