Ray Griffiths

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Ray Griffiths is an Australian-born, NYC-based lover of all things that sparkle, with an affinity for pearls. As a teenager, Griffiths spent time as an apprentice in a high-end jewelry restoration house, learning and building an intimate relationship with gold and its properties. Now, he works out of his beautiful Fifth Avenue studio in New York where he gives life to artisanal pieces, including his signature Crownwork® which he developed from his early career restoring vintage European suites of jewelry. The grid-like technique was previously used on the undersides of crowns and tiaras in efforts to lessen their weight. Griffiths’ pieces are breathtakingly intricate, designed to feel lightweight while maintaining elegance and personality.

The more you learn about what can be done with gold to shape and form it, the easier it is to use your imagination to design with it and create beautiful jewels” – Ray Griffiths