Monica Rich Kosann

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Monica Rich Kosann’s collection is rooted in the idea that every woman has a story to tell.

Monica’s lifelong love of art, design and photography led her to become a fine art portrait photographer.  The personal nature and heirloom quality of her portraits informed her interest in jewelry design and to the brand’s singular creation and re-invention of lockets and charm oriented styles as modern heirlooms for a new generation.

For the Monica Rich Kosann brand, the jewelry design process is driven by one question: “Is the style both contemporary and timeless… can a woman treasure it in 20 years as much as she does today?” Monica says, “Living and cherishing stories is universal to us all.  My lockets are here to capture a woman’s special adventures and moments.  The poesy and charm collections celebrate the story of each woman’s life—in a way, they are an ongoing tale of her everyday world and can inspire and empower her”

Each woman who wears Monica’s pieces is her own storyteller.