Julie Nolan

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Julie Nolan started creating jewelry 10 years ago in her studio apartment on the lower east side of Manhattan. Taking inspiration from Jodorowsky films, thrift store paintings, found art and private press records, Julie’s individual sense of style garnered attention immediately. Through word of mouth, Julie’s designs found enthusiastic fans and what began as a hobby soon began to eclipse her day job as a make-up artist. Behind the scenes on photo shoots, stylists began using her pieces in editorials, models began taking pieces home, and what had been a private artist pursuit soon gained a very public following. Encourage, Julie began to sell her work, experimenting with new designs and techniques and constantly learning more about her craft. Julie studied metalsmithing at Studio Jewelers and worked with designers such as Randi Mates of Aesa Jewelry. Through Julie’s creative vision and the support of loyal customers, Julie Nolan Jewelry has taken on a life of it’s own and is now a full time business and creative adventure.