Love Is Project

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Chrissie Lam, the founder of the Love is Project left a job in corporate fashion, and moved to Kenya. While there she was inspired by a group of women from the Massai tribe who made high quality vibrant, beaded items. Chrissie collaborated with these women to design a bracelet emblazoned with the word ‘LOVE’. What started as a personal passion project, blossomed into a global movement.


Why LOVE? Well, in a world that can feel heavy, divided, and discouraging at times, there is only one thing that helps us to thrive—LOVE. It’s the single common thread that connects us all. So, with one small idea and one bracelet, the Love Is Project was born.

With each bracelet sold, Love Is Project empowers thousands of female artisans in developing countries around the world through fair wages, healthcare, education, and more, paving the way to a positive future ahead.