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Acanthus jewelry pieces are a true work of art, crafted by Nichole Mciver with an eye for detail and a passion for personal adornment. Each piece is handmade in Nichole’s home studio in Central Minnesota, using oxidized silver, 14k gold, and 24k gold, as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones such as dendritic agate, rainbow moonstones, and diamonds. Nichole’s expertise in two-dimensional studio art and art history informs her approach to creating jewelry, with inspiration drawn from the rich symbolism of Victorian mourning jewelry and decorative foliage found in illuminated manuscripts. Every Acanthus piece is a testament to Nichole’s craftsmanship, from forming the metal and setting the stones, to cutting gold imagery to create intricate patterns. When you wear an Acanthus piece, you can feel the time, work, and love that went into creating it.