Find Your Forever Ring

Shopping for a wedding or engagement ring? Taking a dip in the ocean of possibility? Come on a journey with us to discover the wedding ring style that speaks to you most.



Timeless and elegant with a traditional, enduring beauty. Look for circular stones and flush set diamonds.

Pictured, from top: Victoria Cunningham, Thirteen Diamond Ring, $825; Dawes Design, Blockette Diamond Halo Ring, $4,300; Victoria Cunningham, Small Circle Ring, $300; Victoria Cunningham, Six Diamond Channel Set Ring, $805*;  Suzanne Kalan, Five Baguette Diamond Ring, $620



Clean lines, bold shapes, geometric influences. Add a modern twist with two-tone metals, organic edges, and a textured finish.

Pictured, from top: Victoria Cunningham, Hammered Diamond Band, $870*; Saundra Messinger, Tiny Dancer Ring with One Diamond, $150*; Alison Shiboski, Platinum Marcia Ring, $4,395*; Saundra Messinger, Forever Florence Diamond Ring, $1615; Victoria Cunningham, Gold Rough Band with Diamond, $495



Romantic influences and intricate details. Think pavé and baguette diamonds, milgrain, prong settings, infinity bands, and diamond halos.

Pictured, from top: Polly Wales, Diamond Rapunzel Ring, $3,000*; Rebecca Overmann, Three Diamond Halo Ring, $7,895; ILA, Popcorn Texture Band, $575; ILA, Diamond Bail Ring, $1,575; Polly Wales, Miners Cut Diamond Rapunzel Ring, $3,690



Simple, understated, timeless. Sweet, practical designs with a less-is-more attitude.

From top: Rebecca Overmann, Yellow Pear Diamond Ring, $750*; Polly Wales, Ultra Slim Baguette Diamond Ring, $3,700; Sarah Mcguire, Diamond Parchment Band, $610*; Margaret Solow, Rose Cut Diamond Triangle Ring, $560*; Victoria Cunningham, Seven Diamond Ring, $585



Perfectly imperfect, whimsical, eye-catching. Look for colored stones, diamond slices, opaque diamonds, and handcrafted, one-of-a-kind details.

Pictured, from top: Polly Wales, Shard Split Halo Ring, $9,460*; Polly Wales, Diamond and Ruby Eroded Ring, $5,940; Polly Wales, White Sapphire Crystal Ring, $5240*; Victoria Cunningham, One of a Kind Rustic Diamond Halo Ring, $5,000*; Polly Wales, Pinched White Sapphire Eternity Ring, $2750*

Whether you find yourself drawn to classic cuts, contemporary elements, vintage-inspired details, minimalist beauty, or artful design, the perfect forever ring is waiting for you!



*not pictured on website, please contact us for details


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