Set in Stone: New Celine Daoust

New Celine Daoust arrivals are here, and this collection is all about the gemstones!

We hand-picked each of these one-of-a-kind beauties and brought them straight home from our New York buying trip, and we are so excited to share them with you.

Each stone in this collection has its very own story to tell. We are absolutely head-over-heels in love with Celine’s diamond slice pieces. From the dramatic flash of the Celeste Necklace to the silvery flicker of the Small Stella Ring, each one is unique and full of life. Also new to the collection are emeralds, filled with the most gorgeous lush, verdant green light. Don’t miss the Emerald Articulated Link Bracelet and the Emerald Stella Necklace. And finally, we just adore the Labradorite Heart Necklace, featuring a a nugget of labradorite adorned with a sweet gold heart (and the most beautiful diamond at its center), and the Stella Tourmaline Ring, with its subtle hues of pink and green.

Celine Daoust’s jewelry is a story of alchemy and ancient magic. It joins together the power that gold has long given those who wear it with the light and energy of natural stones. Celine grew up playing with the precious jewelry of her grandmother’s, inheriting a passion for their symbolic value. She unveiled her signature collection in 2009, working with exceptional precious and semi precious stones. She travels back and forth to Jaipur several times each year, where she meticulously chooses each stone she will work with. It’s in her Brussels studio, though, where the alchemy begins: where ideas become jewels & where poetry meets refinement. It’s here that Celine’s attention to detail and the sparkle of the stones come together to such great effect.


Shop the new arrivals here. View some of our staff-favorite Celine Daoust pieces, along with the rest of our staff-picks, here.

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