Introducing New Designer CVC Stones

Introducing CVC Stones: one-of-a-kind pendants featuring diamonds set in stones collected from the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Every piece begins with a pebble plucked from across the globe, then adorned with diamonds thoughtfully placed both front and back. Mother nature has smoothed each one into a tactile work of art: it’s hard not to pick one up, absentmindedly play with it, and perhaps never take it off.

Charles de Viel Castel founded the line in 2015 after he inherited a single loose diamond from his late grandmother and wanted to find a unique way to wear it. Previously a financier in New York City, the designer sources inspiration from the natural world to create one-of-a-kind pieces that unite the romance of raw materials with smooth, tactile surfaces. We are thrilled to share them with you.

Choose from the Signature Collection, or assemble your own piece by choosing from the Charm Collection. Each charm is sold sans chain, so you can choose between the long chain, charm chain, or add the charm to an existing necklace of your own. We love that each stone is one-of-a-kind, and contains its own unique characteristics and diamond placement on the front and back. Some feel natural and raw, full of striking patterns and colors (like the Secret Necklace), while others feeling elegant, soothing, and subtle (like the Cynthia Necklace). Find the one that speaks to you in all of its natural beauty and wear it as a sort of meditation or worry stone.

How do you care for the jewelry?

Make sure to keep your jewelry dry (no showering, swimming, sauna or exercise with your jewelry). Avoid exposure to chemical products (perfumes, lotions or hairspray). When not wearing it, please keep it inside its original pouch. To clean, a jewelry cloth is recommended. These pieces cannot be repaired, so we recommend following these guidelines. Rub the stones periodically with vaseline or coconut oil to keep their natural luster.

Explore CVC Stones here. Shop all new arrivals here.


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