Meet the Ladies of NEWTWIST: Jenny, Sales Manager

Our sales manager, Jenny, oversees our sales floor and always makes sure every single person who walks through our door feels welcome and taken care of.

Your uplifting energy helps to make NEWTWIST the welcoming space that it is, and we are so grateful to have you on our team! Tell us your NEWTWIST story.

I started at NEWTWIST the summer before my senior year of college at University of Oregon, in 2009. I had been working at Jodi’s former business, FaceIt, a year or two prior, and I had always been an admirer of NEWTWIST and was ecstatic that the opportunity arose to work at both stores. I continued working at both until I graduated from college and moved away. When I found myself back in Eugene years later, I was so excited and grateful to continue my NEWTWIST story and to grow into my current role, sales manager. I would love to give kudos to Jodi and Colleen for why I know how to connect with customers and take care of them. From such a young age I learned the highest standard of customer service from Jodi at FaceIt and Colleen at NEWTWIST.

What do you love most about working at NEWTWIST?

Coming to work every day with a group of women who laugh with each other, support one another, work hard, and make Colleen’s store the best it can be. It’s rare to find a job where personal connection with your coworkers is so genuine and honest. There’s such a cool balance between personal friendship and professionalism, where both are very important and have made the store successful over the many years that I’ve worked here.

How would you describe your jewelry style?

Classic with a little bit of edge and funkiness to it, and a sprinkle of elegance.

What inspires your personal style?

I’m really inspired by Amy Jackson, founder of Fashion Jackson, and my personal style is a lot like my jewelry style. My base is classic, and I always want to funk up whatever outfit I have going. I typically stick to neutrals but I like to throw in a pop of color depending on my mood or energy for the day, and I’ll always check the temperature outside. I’ve been doing that since grade school to determine what I’m going to wear because I love to be comfortable. In third grade I’d ask my parents for the weather section of the newspaper at breakfast to help me decide what I was going to wear that day.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

My first inclination is to fly so that I can go anywhere, i.e. to loved ones quickly who live far away, and to get a perspective that us walking-on-land humans do not get to see very often. Plus, I can throw someone on my back and fly around with them. Hold on tight!

Favorite scent?

Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf.

Flowerbomb perfume by Victor&Rolf

Do you have a morning routine?

I always make green tea to start the day.

One thing you cannot leave your home without?

My Star Cycle water bottle.

What’s in your NEWTWIST jewelry box?

Victoria Cunningham stacking rings, and an Erica Molinari ring; the inside is inscribed with “live, life, love,” which really resonates with me because both my parents raised me, and also Colleen and Jodi have really instilled in me, to live life leading with love. I really value my life, so it’s a daily reminder to live in the moment and be present. I have three Jamie Joseph rings: a sleeping beauty turquoise, a blue sapphire, and a white onyx that I share with Jodi. My sleeping beauty turquoise was a 30th birthday present from my family, so it’s super special to me. Turquoise is also my grandma’s favorite color and that’s something we’ve bonded over since I was little. Blue sapphire is the first Jamie I ever bought for myself. Jodi and I call the white onyx our love ring. My Woman necklace by Robin Haley is super precious because I work for an all-woman run business, and I’m the youngest of three daughters. The coin itself represents sisterhood, so that meaning runs really deep for me, both in my personal and professional life. I wear my gold BuDhaGirl bangles every day; I have two sets of three and now wear five because I gave one away to a friend who needed a little extra love. I wear my Void watch every day as well. My Erica Molinari dagger charm represents my inner warrior and ferocity; it’s my badass token.

Favorite stone?

Diamonds, turquoise, any color sapphire…what was the question again…wait was I supposed to pick just one of those?

What is the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

My first nephew being born. When he came into the world, I felt a deeper love for a human than ever before, and becoming his aunt gave me a new purpose in life. Now that my second nephew, Benjamin, has been born, he is also my purpose.

Favorite book?

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

Favorite movie?

My comic side says Bridesmaids; my romantic side says The Notebook.

Fashion trend you love most?

I would say high-waisted anything – pants, skirts, shorts – and my reason behind that is I love how it’s a fashion trend that is flattering on any body type and is a tangible look for any-aged woman, whether you want a midriff showing or want to tuck a blouse in to give you a waist. It’s a beautiful way to compliment a women’s shape no matter her size.

What are you listening to right now?

Open in Spotify

Tried-and-true beauty products?

I love my Mac pressed powder because I tend to get a little rosy and shiny throughout the day. I also love my Benefit roller lash curling mascara. Buy the travel size because you should be getting a new one every six weeks to make sure you’re not getting any eye bacteria, and the travel one won’t dry out that quickly; plus, it’s cheaper. I learned that from Jodi.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Share meals with my girlfriends, go to my parents’ house weekly to have dinner, visit my boyfriend in Seattle. One of my favorite past-times is putting on music and trying on outfits and dancing around my room. Also, I like to go to Star Cycle every single day; I live, eat, and breathe it. Star Cycle keeps my mental game on point which is my first priority, and secondly, it keeps my body in shape. I love the sense of community and being connected to something bigger than myself.

Go-to Eugene spots?

City Nails is where I routinely get my mani/pedi and is part of my self-care/self-love regimen. Gilt + Gossamer for shopping; it’s where convenience and cuteness unite (it’s a clothing boutique that’s right upstairs from NEWTWIST). Sabai for thai food; there are no words, it’s just delicious. Tailored Coffee Roasters because their cashew almond milk is liquid gold. Autzen Stadium is where I get to scream my head off with my family and friends come every football season. Bloom Hair Studio with Joseph Lombardi; I love the constant laughter, love, support, and friendship that I get at our two month check-ins, also known as my hair appointment. He keeps me the blonde that I am inside, which keeps me feeling like myself.

Favorite restaurant?

Izakaya Meiji; the cha-shu & mushroom cha-han and the tatsuta age are my favorites, and the salmon onigiri, and chestnut crème brulee are so, so good.

Wisdom for figuring out adulthood?

I’ve learned a couple adulthood hacks over the years. Above all else, lead with love (learned that from Jodi and Colleen). Also, lead with laughter. What I mean by that is when I find myself stressed or worried or I see that in a friend or co-worker, I want to connect with that person, with laughter and joy whether it be by making fun of myself, poking fun at them, or mentioning something weird we both saw the other day. There’s nothing more infectious than laughing with someone and sharing that moment of feeling free from the worries.

Explore more of Jenny’s favorite NEWTWIST jewels here and what inspires her here.

Photos by Shoshanah Haber

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