Make it Meaningful: 5 Ways to Pick a Personalized Gift

Everyone knows that the best gifts are the most personal—the ones that tug at the heart strings, that let the recipient know that this gift was handpicked with love just for them. But sometimes choosing those gifts can be easier said than done… that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to make it meaningful. Read on for our suggestions.

1. Find a Quote or Word that Resonates

Choose a piece of jewelry that says exactly how you feel about her, or offers just the daily inspiration that she needs. Our favorites include Erica Molinari’s Raised Flower Shield Charm ($1080) that reads “let your light shine,” or her Ornate Teardrop Cherub Charm ($285), which reads “you are always in my heart.” If you prefer to say it with as few words as possible, we suggest the Sydney Evan “Loved” ($1305) necklace. Our budget pick are Maya J’s empowerment bracelets; with words like “Fearless,” “Strength,” and “Brave,” these serve as daily reminders of her inner rockstar (and priced at just $40 each, these make girlfriend gifts!).

2. Memorialize a Favorite Memory with a Photo

Monica Rich Kosann’s lockets ($245+) make personalized gift-giving easy: tuck a sentimental photo, an inspirational quote, or a drawing from a child inside and you are golden.

3. Pick a Meaningful Symbol

We love jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also acts a a resting place for memories and milestones. To make a gift extra meaningful, choose something that symbolizes a special occasion (perhaps it’s a wedding, graduation, or significant goal that she achieved), offers a source of daily inspiration, or serves as a reminder of a dear friend, family member or pet. We love Robin Haley’s rings and necklaces for the meaning they hold; they serve as daily reminders of time tested messages of love, connection and self-worth. The Goddess Necklace ($1750), for example, is a reminder to “honor your heart: only you know which dreams live in your heart… take what your heart wants seriously and love it.” Other favorites are Lulu’s Elephant Necklace ($95), Erica Molinari’s Diamond Paw Charm ($980) (a sweet way to honor a beloved pet), any of Hannah Blount’s cameo pieces ($110+) (let them represent the strong, fierce women in her life), Tai’s Gold Hamsa Charm Necklace ($55) (a symbol of protection), and Atelier Narcé’s Giving Ring ($1090) (an expression of the extraordinary miracle that occurs when we give to others part of our treasure, whether material or spiritual).

4. Choose a Meaningful Letter or Number

Let a simple number or letter do the talking. Build a stack of Diana Mitchell’s Monogram Mini-Signet rings—one initial for each member of the family—or choose a Maya Brenner necklace or single stud with her first initial ($105+). We also love the idea of picking a piece to represent the number of children or grandchildren she has. The possibilities are endless, but a few of our favorites are Yasuko Azuma’s Single Diamond Moonlight Ring ($275)   (easy to stack with as the family grows!), Victoria Cunningham’s Three-Diamond Flying Saucer Necklace ($480), Rene Escobar’s Four Diamond Gold Diana Ring ($1460), and Mizuki’s Five Pearl Bar Necklace ($1200).

5. Remember Something She Mentioned Months Ago

Surprise her with something she said she loved months ago… can’t quite remember? We are here to help! Has she made a wishlist at our store? Call us, email us, or come in to check! Did she enter our #newtwistdreamjewels Instagram giveaway? That’s a great place to start too.

Check out our entire personalized gift guide here.


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