Precious Gifts for Precious Mamas

Searching for something to help your mama feel extra special this year? Look no further than our guide to precious gifts for precious mamas! We have put together a curated collection with tender love and care, just for her.

There’s nothing like indulging in a bit of everyday luxury. Treat mom to a decadent, hand crafted soap, or a candle infused with a therapeutic blend of essential oils. Our top picks are this amazing soap bar by Tatine, and this delicious candle topped with scented petals.

Add your own touch with a sweet vase and a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Bonus points for picking and arranging the flowers yourself! Or choose a locket in her favorite color, and personalize it with a special picture.

Let the gift speak for itself. Find a ring dish, card, or necklace that says exactly how you feel. Our favorites include this Giving Bowl by the artisans of Lorraine Oerth & Co and this gorgeous pavé diamond “dream” necklace by Sydney Evan.

Choose a ring that signifies a fond memory, a bracelet with a diamond to represent each of her children, or a necklace with the birthstone of a new baby. We love this sapphire ring by Victoria Cunningham, this double diamond cuff bracelet by Mizuki, and this moonstone necklace by Misa.

Explore the rest of our special Mother’s Day collection here.


Images by Laura Barton

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