Golden Hour

We put together a collection of jewelry that’s our little love letter to the last sun-soaked days of summer, to finding magic in the long arms of the sun, and to everything that makes us feel strong and free and beautiful from the inside out.

Our Céleste writes:

You know it’s a perfect day when it involves watching the sunset on a warm summer night, twirling and skipping, and all of it adorned in your favorite jewelry! 🌞

I’m wearing the Flat Alhambra Hoops by Jane Diaz, which are aptly named after the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. I love their exotic feel and lush, sumptuous shade of gold. ✨

I layered together the Hamsa Necklace by Celine Daoust and the Joan The Warrior Necklace from Communion by Joy… they feel similarly mystical and protective…and then there is THE perfect Popsicle Stick Diamond Necklace by Lene Vibe that I’m wearing doubled but can be worn either way.

My new obsession is link bracelets. The goal is to find a bracelet that you can wear always and never take off and well, these are the ones! ✨

On top of all the powerful necklaces, that long ring on my index finger has strong energy as well, and I love that it’s called Sol plus Luna… the sun and the moon. (Feeling extra connected to anything sky related as my name is Céleste). ☀️🌙

And last but not least, the Moonstone Power Ring by Jamie Joseph! Its magical flashes of color remind me of dreamy, sun-soaked summer evenings like this one.

Handmade, unique, artisan, designer fine jewelry in gold, semiprecious stones, and diamonds at NEWTWISTExplore the Golden Hour Collection >

Video shot by @marleymarotta
Model and video edited by @celeste.tseden

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