Summa Summa Summatime

Our favorite looks for dreamy summer days include glowing, golden layers for sun-kissed skin and luminous opals, diamonds, turquoise, and sapphires that dance in the sunlight.

Reminiscent of underwater colonies of our beautiful tropical coral system, these hand-carved rings by Misa Jewelry feature a rustic elegance and have us dreaming of exploring a beachy lagoon.

A little pop of that perfect shade of turquoise, paired with a link chain choker for a subtle edge. By Melissa Joy Manning and Sarah McGuire.

Allow yourself to become completely transfixed by the colors of the rainbow. We sure are! A delicious burst of juicy color dances in the sunlight as perfectly placed sapphires illuminate their rich, golden canvas. By Polly Wales.

The perfect, easy breezy ear stack for those hot summer days and warm summer nights. By Kaylin Hertel, Melissa Joy Manning, Suzanne Kalan, and Kismet by Milka.

This summer neckline, with effortless layers of glimmering diamonds and a soft, golden glow. By Rebecca Overmann, Victoria Cunningham, Suzanne Kalan, Jude Frances, and Sarah McGuire.

The ring and bracelet stacks of our summertime dreams! Mixing texture, shape, and design tells a story unique to you, and personal touches are what it’s all about! By Hannah Blount, Victoria Cunningham, Shaesby, Mizuki, Melissa Joy Manning, and Sarah McGuire.

Explore all of our summer favorites, here. Soak it up, summer loves!


Images by Rachel Haylie

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