Jamie Joseph: Gemstone Magic and Meaning

What we love about Jamie Joseph‘s work is that it’s all about the stones. Each exudes its own light, shape, texture, luminosity, and beauty, and with it, a unique meaning. Precious and semi-precious stones have long served as sources of healing, strength, guidance, and wisdom. Read on to discover the meaning behind some of our favorite natural beauties.


A stunning world of color reveals itself below this stone’s surface. It’s not hard to see why opal is said to enhance imagination, creativity, and spontaneity.

meteorite ring by jamie joseph at newtwist


A fragment of a meteor that survived its passage through Earth’s atmosphere, meteorite is truly a piece of natural treasure. It reminds us to nurture our personal power, strength, and resilience.

turquoise ring by jamie joseph at newtwist


Turquoise is said to protect from negativity and harm and to help promote a sense of peace and tranquility.

aquamarine ring by jamie joseph at newtwist


Aquamarine‘s icy sea-foam color is thought to facilitate clear communication and inspire empowerment.

moonstone ring Jamie Joseph at NEWTWIST


Moonstone is a calming, reflective stone, inspiring its wearer to flow with the natural tides of life.

pearl ring by jamie joseph at newtwist


Pearls are believed to clear the mind to channel wisdom and enhance focus and personal integrity.

ruby ring by jamie joseph at newtwist


Ruby is believed to inspire love, amplify energy, sharpen the mind, and promote a courageous attitude.


Featuring gorgeous hues of pink and green, tourmaline is said to be associated with the heart chakra, allowing its wearer to be open to accept love.

agate ring by jamie joseph at newtwist

Dendritic Agate

With black dendrites weaving their way through this captivating stone, dendritic agate is believed to improve self-esteem, balance emotion, and help start new friendships.


Druzy, sparkling like the night sky, is said to help amplify positive energy, ease stress, and to boost clear and creative thinking.

Jamie Joseph rings at newtwist

Explore more captivating treasures from Jamie Joseph‘s collection and discover which stone speak to you most, here.

P.S. Read about Jamie‘s process for selecting each stone in her collection, and learn about the gems that speak to her most, here.


Photos by Laura Barton

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