Of The Sea: New Hannah Blount Jewelry

New arrivals from Hannah Blount Jewelry are here!

Hannah Blount jewelry

Barnacle-speckled pearls, hand-engraved scrimshaw details, and bright pops of turquoise fill each piece with nautical whimsy, as if they were wearable treasures plucked straight from the sea.

Hannah has been one of our staff-favorite artists here at NEWTW!ST for several years. We love her raw, yet refined, elegance, and ocean inspiration, drawn from her childhood in Nantucket. As she explains, her “dad is a commercial fisherman, and our yard was covered with barnacles and orange buoys, old seashells and moss and bright turquoise fishing nets. We didn’t have money, despite the name of our island- but we had so much beauty. The island’s combination of wealth and industry, tourism and fishing- the nostalgia of the ocean- that showed me what beauty is.”

If you are new to Hannah Blount’s incredible jewelry, don’t miss these iconic pieces: we love Hannah’s grey lady cameo rings, with their serene, calm auras, available in gold and silver, with or without diamonds. We think of them as a nod to strong, confident women.  We are also mesmerized by her scrimshaw pieces, which Hannah engraves and inks entirely by hand. Each one is truly one-of-a-kind… a wearable work of art. And finally, we are completely head over heels for her Ruthie B. Collection, with its precious gold and silver barnacles, named after her father’s fishing boat of the same name.

Explore new Hannah Blount Jewelry here.


Read our Q&A with Hannah Blount here. Shop all new arrivals here.

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